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Is it all really worth it?

We live in a world of a hustle culture. Where we constantly posting our achievements on instagram, dancing on TikTok and oversharing on LinkedIn.

And for over the last 5 years I have been a part of it and still am. To a point.

You name it, I've done it. From creating an instagram account where I was posting daily to hosting a podcast with multiple seasons - I have done everything 'we are told to do' to build a business, personal brand and (hope) inspire others.

No-one really ever shares the reality of what it is like to build businesses and a personal brand. And recently I have been asking myself - is it all really worth it?

This comes at time where I start to make changes in my own approach and even start to make traction with-in my career.

This week I share with you the reality of my journey.


My eyes water when I tally up in my head the amount of money I have invested and wasted (yes, I have also spent money on things I didn't need to) when I started out. It's something, most of us don't consider when we spend an odd £20 here and £100 there. But they soon add up.

Over the last 5 years I have invested at least £10K:

  • Website £500 +

  • URLs £500 +

  • Qualifications £6,000 +

  • Insurance £100 +

  • Photoshoots £1000 +

  • Coaching £3,000 + (Some that I didn't need, but felt like I should, to get a head)

  • Email £500 +

  • Podcasting £1000+ (Editing)

As much as my eyes water, I wouldn't change some of the investments I committed to. The Qualifications gave me more than just letters after my name. I gained experience, confidence and credibility. The podcast gave a platform to other women so they could share their stories and you cannot run a business without a website and insurances. Period.

But, did I really need photoshoots? And Brand/Content coaching? - IMO - not really. But lessoned learned.

We often think of investment as purely money. But there is also the investment of time. There are hours I wasted on creating content or building websites or doom scrolling - Hours maybe even days that I cannot get back. Now in my 6th year of a portfolio career, I have learned to created boundaries around my days, organise myself and utilise my many diaries.


Constantly hustling is exhausting. Both emotionally and physically. There's been many moments of highs and lows. And when I've a hit a low - I have hit rock bottom. It isn't healthy (like duh right) being sat in front of a screen all day, everyday. Especially if you are doom scrolling.

It comes backs to boundaries, with time, I have learned (and still learning) that we've got to take breaks and allow ourselves to have time off. We have to say NO to things and people, especially when our plates are already full.

Mental wellbeing is something I need to be mindful of. With a history of depression, anxiety and PTSD - I make sure my mental heath is a priority. So this means: regular exercise, journalling, dog walking and spending time with friends. Oh, and holistic healing, but that's a post for another day.


Well, in short yes.

But (of course there is a but right)

There is a better way of managing it.

Following a less trodden path, isn't meant to be easy, as the old saying goes - then everyone would be doing it, right?! Working hard has enabled me to land a book deal, co-found a business and even build a brand where I have started to secure contract work via recommendations.

As hard as it is, I think I would find it harder working in a 9-5 perm job. I wouldn't be able to have the other creative pursuits, which fundamentally fulfil me. Over the course of building out a portfolio career, I have learned, lossed and landed.

And continue to do so.

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