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How to find the right coach for you

Finding the right coach for you can feel overwhelming and confusing. And it is a big commitment.

In recent years we have seen a rise in ‘coaches’ promising to change your life, career and world in return for, at times, crazy fees for their ‘signature’ programme.

And more so since the pandemic.

Unfortunately, the coaching industry is not YET regulated. Unlike other “helping” professions such as, therapy where a practitioner are required to legally partake in the right training, be assessed and gain the experience etc — coaching isn’t quite there… like I say, YET!

Many people call themselves coaches but they have no idea what coaching is. Some have never been trained by a credentialed coach and course, let alone been on a coaching journey themselves.

As a consumer you might be feeling unclear on what truly makes a trained, professional, safe and reliable coach with a transformational process that will support you in working towards the results you are looking for.

Whether you decide I am the right coach for you or not. I am passionate about championing and protecting high quality, safe coaching. Thus, I have pulled together this article to help you become informed and feel empowered in your search.

Is it coaching that you need?

Coaching is often confused with other related disciplines like mentorship or therapy. However, it is actually quite different, and each of these has unique characteristics. See below ⬇

Therapy has a past orientation, helping you understand why you are the way you are.

Coaching is much more future-oriented. Your coach won’t spend much time digging into your past experiences. There is still certainly a self-awareness component, helping you understand who you are and why, but all with the intention of using that self-awareness for the future.

Unlike a mentor, a coach is not there to offer guidance and advice based on his/her/their own experiences. Sure, they might occasionally offer a suggestion or two, but for the most part, your coach will ask powerful questions to help you find the right answers and solutions for you. It’s important to note that none of these disciplines are better or worse than any other — you simply need to understand the differences and have appropriate expectations for what will be accomplished with each provider.

Ready to find the right coach for you?

When looking for a coach, be prepared to interview a number of professionals, review their background and experience, and check out their qualifications.

Here is a back pocket checklist to empower you and your search for success:


Coaching is based on scientific research and well-trained coaches utilises evidence-based coaching models in their work. In order to learn this research and these techniques, coaches need to go through an in-depth training programme.

There are a number of bodies out there, and these are the ones you need to look for:

  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) Accredited — look for ACSTH, ACTP (this is the course) and then ACC, PCC or MCC (this is badge).

  • European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)

  • Association for Coaching (AC)


Just like how you ensure your car, home or pets. This is to safe guard and protect both the coach and you as the client.


Try not to trip up on the ‘sparkly object syndrome’.

Affordability of course is an important factor in selecting your coach.

Coaches typically charge anywhere from £50 to £500 per hour based on their target demographic and their experience level. My own bespoke Personal Brand Coaching, I know, isn’t the cheapest option, but I also know that I am not the most expensive option either.

Here's a price list:

  • PowHER hour £259

  • PowHER of 3 £699

  • PowHERful Personal Brand (6 sessions) £1,499

  • PowHER Up (12 Sessions) £2,799I pride myself on providing value that is both transformational and sustainable.

Ask your prospective coach what is included in their hourly rate:

  • Are there any additional tools and resources provided?

  • Do they belong to a team or network which can provide support if needed?

  • Do they have a money back guarantee?

  • Remember, price is not always an indication of quality, but make sure you aren’t just selecting the cheapest coach — Coaching is an investment in yourself and your future, and you are SO worth it!


Each coach coaches differently based on their personality and training.

Some coaches’ sessions are very organised and structured while others are more open and free flowing. Some coaches tend to be more warm and supportive while others can be more confronting and really challenge you. Knowing that their style aligns with your needs will help you find the right life coach for you.

Ask your prospective coach how they would describe their style and then think about if that is the type of support you need at this point in your life to achieve your goals.


What do their past clients say? Are their any clients you can reach out to? And did the client(s) get the results they were after? Testimonials are in a way, a coaches portfolio. A clients success is a coaches success.

Checkout my testimonials here:

And now for the watch outs...

Trust your intuition.

Most coaches offer chemistry/discovery call before asking clients to part with any money. This will give you an opportunity to ask questions around qualifications, style, price and methods.

If something isn’t feeling right, then it is probably not — so back away and move on to your next interview.


Curious about coaching? Head on over the Personal Branding Coaching Page to see how I can help you.

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